How it all started...

This is our story. How a lifelong dream, finally became reality!

And this is only the beginning...

  • It is rather a unique story really, how a lifelong dream of "starting my own business one day" became to be.

    It all started at the end 2020, when my pain & discomfort escalated to the point I could not go through a normal day without having to lay down anymore. I couldn't sleep through the night, or turn in bed without being in excruciating pain. Having to take several pain and anti-inflammatory medications, Specialists visits, second, third, fourth opinions... until I was declared disabled with conditions such as severe Fibromyalgia, osteo-arthritis, rheumatism, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, spondylosis, spondylitis, and on top of that, hypertension & Raynaud's disease.

    I refused to give up. I knew God had a much bigger plan for my life! I knew I could not continue taking the maximum dose schedule 6 pain medication x3 per day that I was prescribed for the next 30 years. So I started doing extensive research & testing to find a more natural, but effective way to reduce muscle, nerve & joint pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness to name a few.

    Then my dear wife had a slipped disc and also had back surgery in 2022.

    With the grace of God, amazing people (from the lab to our manufacturer) and resilience to keep going, we formulated FibroGuard Oil & Gel.

    A natural alternative to help live a better quality of life by reducing pain, inflammation and discomfort, more naturally. This has helped me personally so much in my daily life, that we decided to share this with the world out there, and we are blessed and fortunate to be able to do so.

    We can finally bring this amazing, Proudly South African product to the market, and hope one day to share it further across the globe.

    We truly hope that FibroGuard will help you just as much as it helps us every day.


    Wessel & Nadia

  • Wessel & Nadia van Jaarsveld

    Founders of FibroGuard